• First of all, how have we as a society agreed upon that it is charming when an obese old man breaks into our homes every year, but when I do it once that’s a call for a restraining order?
  • It’s hard to forget that he sees you when you are sleeping.
  • Creep.

Sometimes I feel like I actually do deserve it. I guess I get it, no one likes the sad bitch: the girlfriend who can’t get out of bed and doesn’t want to go out dancing on a Friday night. I suck at dancing. My feet do this shaky that makes people uncomfortable and I sweat on my nose when I talk to new people and it looks like jewelry beads on my nose. He always told me that I talk to much, and that I was too quiet. I guess it depends on who is around. Can I be both? No one wants to date the self-loathing girl who gets nervous to make plans or cancels them last minute because she is too depressed to leave her apartment or even her bed. Guys want cool girls, fun girls. Anxious and depressed girls aren’t cool. Guess who he is dating now? Some instagram model who writes inspirational captions under pictures of health food. He met her at a club because she is “cool like that”. And you know what’s the most fucked up part of it? In their story, I’m the villain.

  • If this… ass-hat… what’s his name?
  • Adam
  • Never mind, I like ass-hat better.