My name is Erick Ochoa.

You can send me an e-mail to this address: eochoa@ualberta.ca.

I own this github account.

I own this google scholar account.

These are my contributions to wikipedia.

Detailed footprint

The github user livibetter found a small program I made, named wave, useful to generate sounds for alarms. They were kind enough to submit pull requests, write a blog post, and film a video demo.

The maintainer CelestialWalrus submitted my program wave to the arch-linux user repository. I’ve doubt many people have downloaded it, but it was a nice surprise to see this.

The OMR/OpenJ9 repositories have merged some of my pull requests.

I have contributed a commit to annobin’s build system and I hope to keep contributing more in the near future.

I try to submit bugs to gcc whenever I can and I am an active participant in gcc mailing list